Hairdressing courses

Courses for young hairdressers

Color analysis training

The ONLINE and stationary training COLORISTIC ANALYSIS is the first such event, which supports the hairdresser at the stage of GOOD CONSULTATION – and thus – the selection of the ideal color for THIS particular client.


I will tell you about the 5 types of beauty, what characterizes them, how to define them, and most of all what suits them.

After a 2-3 hour theoretical lecture, which will be full of information, we will practice.

We will discuss the beauty types of our models, we will match for them the ideal shades, and most importantly we will advise what they should „wear”. to look the most attractive.

Let’s take hairdressing to a higher level! – I hope you will be with us.

Cost for those participating in the training only online £80 or stationary in a salon £300

For those who purchase a BOX with scarves for color analysis at £300 (online) FREE TRAINING

Hairdressing Chemistry Level 1 + COLORIMETRY

Basics, from which every hairdresser should start.

We invite you to take advantage of training in the form of online or in-salon lessons.

The online course is 16-17 hours of in-salon meetings over 2 days including experiments.

Topics, which we will discuss during the meetings are:

  • color wheel – pigments, highlights, levels
  • creating your own mixtures based on the color wheel
  • Developing the color wheel of the brand you are working or intend to work with
  • Calculation of pH level
  • Calculating the level of dye mixtures and oxidant concentrations
  • Colouring grey hair – tricks
  • lighteners and their neutralisation
  • lightening baths and foundation cleaning

You can purchase individual topics or the whole PACKAGE. The cost is 60£ net per hour of solid 1:1 work with a hairdresser.

The whole PACKAGE – including lessons, exercises and homework and online help is: 17 hours of 1:1 work

– online £300
– salon (2 days) £1600

Hairdressing Chemistry Level 2

For those who want to gain new information in chemistry

In a very simple and accessible way we will present you the issues of hairdressing chemistry
– without unnecessary in everyday work – formulas and definitions
– very visual in the experiments.


The topics we will cover during the meetings are:

  • MELANIN and the structure of the hair and the effect of regeneration and reconstruction on the different parts of the hair
  • What can we expect from keratin, regeneration, laminating and reconstruction?
  • HENNA – its types, origin, coloring process, as well as decoloring
  • BOOSTERS AND MIXES – their full use in the colouring process
  • PH EQUALITY-all about skin care and its application in cosmetics resale
  • GRAYING – understanding the process occurring during graying and its reversal – is it possible?
  • NANOPLASTIA and everything about it – what is it, when to apply, for whom, pros and cons?


  • Accurate calculation of a good price for coloring service – how to calculate the consumption of goods and transfer this to an appropriate and reasonable price?

– online £300
– salon (2 days) £1600



Only for people who have completed LEVEL 1 and LEVEL 2!
For those, who didn’t have a chance to start adventure with Hairdressing Chemistry under my eye – you can join this really extensive training at any time!


  • CHELATION – CHELATES : action, when to use, what do we gain?
  • Anti-grey preparations for men and more – their action, composition and recommended by us.
  • DRY SHAMPS – how do they work and can you use them?
  • COVER sprays for grey hair
  • PEELINGS for skin, scalp and hair – when and how often? – exfoliation, scrub, clay
  • Water and its effect on our hair
  • ELECTROSTATICS in hairdressing
  • CASE WORK TECHNIQUES – Develop common work plans and techniques for specific cases that come to our chair.

The training ends with LEVEL 3 CERTIFICATE and MASTER CERTIFICATE for all 3 LEVELS OF FRESH CHEMISTRY online and in person

– online £300
– salon (2 days) £1600